Waterless Offset Printing Plates

No fount solution!

Waterless offset plates have an ink-repellent silicone layer on the surface that has a low surface energy. The underlying layer is ink-receptive and thus a printing component. This recessed boundary of the printing layer ensures sharp-edged printing dots / lines and keeps dot gain extremely low. No tonal variances occur during the entire print run.
The inking of the printing plate is therefore achieved after only a few revolutions, so that maculature sheets at the beginning of the print run are reduced to a minimum. Normally, with less than 10 sheets after the start of printing, a good sheet can be achieved that can be judged, respectively a production run quality after final colour matching.

Toray Waterless Printing Plates
ApplicationToray Printing PlateStandardWater washableHigh Resolution
Commercial PrintingImprima Series GGB / GJSL / GSSJ
Label PrintingImprima Series LLB / GJLS
CD / DVD-PrductionImprima Series CCB / CJCJ
Security PrintingImprima Series SSBSLSJ
Newspaper printingImprima Series WWAWSWJ

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