Offset printing as a cradle-to-cradle solution


Thinking in cycles with the cradle-to-cradle principle - and that in the printing industry?

Do you know the cradle-to-cradle principle?
It is a way of thinking that designs products in such a way that they are not only designed for the first use, but the recycling of the valuable raw materials is in the foreground right from the start. It is not about simple recycling, but about a full consideration of raw materials and production. For example, the products produced are not only fed into a biological cycle and then reused, but are also produced with environmentally friendly and renewable energies. The closed cycle is the desired ideal of a cradle-to-cradle product. Not every product can be produced and used in a true closed loop, so the effort is to make as many of a product's raw materials reusable as possible. For example, one goal is to achieve true compostability. Raw materials, on a natural basis, are put together and after being used in composters, the products completely decompose back into natural raw materials.

A true cradle-to-cradle printing ink, which is produced according to the principles of the cycle and whose raw materials can be recycled at the end, goes hand in hand with a new way of thinking in the printing industry. Ink alone is not enough to take up the cradle-to-cradle idea, but it is already an effective basis for the future production of print products. Now print professionals are asking the question, what else can I do besides using a true cradle-tp-cradle ink? In addition to ink, a printing system can be used, which offers another advantage over conventional printing systems. Waterless offset printing. As the name suggests, waterless printing saves another valuable natural resource. The printing plates can be washed out without chemicals and even the remaining components are biodegradable after washing out.

This means that with the certified* Cradle-to-Cradle ink from Spoton and the WLO printing plates from Toray, there is the possibility to raise the printing process of advertising and business stationery to a new environmentally friendly level, which does not define recycling as the goal, but goes much further.

We are happy to provide further advice and discuss what solutions are already available with all printers who want to go a step further.

Cradle-to-Cradle and printing are not opposites.
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*The certificate is valid until 29.09.2022 and is for the original brand name green4print. For cost reasons, the certificate will be renewed at a later date, which is nevertheless fully in line with the benefit and thought of a cradle-to-cradle color.

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