ColibriX CD - Flatbed Cutter

ColibriX DC Flatbed Cutter

ColibriX DC -Series

Models and Sizes

Model      Workspace

ColibriX DC 9012 900x1200mm

ColibriX DC 1313 1300x1300mm

ColibriX DC 1325 1300x2500mm

ColibriX DC 1625 1600x2500mm

Standard Configuration:

1. Multifunctional cutting platform (with guide belt)
2. PC console, incl. Windows PC and software
3. 7.5kw vacuum pump + sound insulation box
4. One pulling knife, one oscillating knife
5. Light roll holder
6. CCD camera

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Below you will find accessories for the ColibriX DC series.

ColibriX DC Feeder for ColibriX DC Serie

For Model Maximum Media Size Maximum Load-Weight

ColibriX AF 90 900*1200mm 250kgs

ColibriX AF 13 1300*1300mm 320kgs

ColibriX AF 16 1600*2500mm 420kgs

ColibriX Heavy-Duty Unwinder

For Model Maximum Media Size Maximum Load Wight

ColibriX HD 90 950mm 200kgs

ColibriX HD 13 1350mm 300kgs

ColibriX HD 16 1650mm 400kgs

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