High Speed Hot-/Cold-Laminator

Fayon - FY-1700 High Speed Hot/Cold Laminator

Manufacturer: Fayon
Model: FY-1700 Hot/Cold Laminator
Working width: 1700 cm
Type: Roller laminators
Warranty: 6 months
Location: Germany , North Rhine-Westphalia
Professional roll laminator with high speed up to 50 running meters/min.

- Use of a pressure switch to load rolls of material - easy to open air chute design and automatic inflatable locking system

- Larger main roller - roller thickness 150mm diameter with own weight up to 60kgs high - temperature resistant silicone roller

- Suction system - use of 6 vacuum fans to create 6 independent vacuum zones

- new drive and gearbox design - 1000W servo motor drive + toothed belt drive

- Full metal mechanical tension structure

- Gear damping transmission structure

- New cutting system

Durable and long-lasting design concept from design to completion

Delivery time 2-2.5 months from receipt of money.

Working width: 1700mm
Max. Thickness: 50mm
Weight: 880 kg
Max. Speed: 50 running meters/min
Max temperature: 125°C
Roll material: silicone
Heating phase: 10-20 min
Rated power: 3500 w

Low noise air compressor included in delivery

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