High-End Laminator

The advantages of the Fayon workstation at a glance:

1. drastic reduction in production time 

2. consistently high quality workflow 

3. time saving means more profit 

4. ergonomically designed, easy to operate

5. only minimal operator effort requires only one person to operate it


The applications:

  • Assembly
    It only takes one person to mount digital prints or stickers on many types of substrates. Mount on foam boards, corrugated boards, metal plates, banners and glass, all without bubbles.
  • Laminating
    The laminator can also be used for subsequent cold or heat lamination.
  • Pre-masking
    One person can pre-mask up to 60 inches wide or depending on the width of your table. No more job for 2 people.
  • Workstation
    Of course, the mounting surface can also be used for all your signage tasks. Trimming graphics, creating layouts, weeding. The laminator is a great support for your business to speed up work and increase efficiency.


Standard configuration:

1. LED table lighting system 

2. tension media feed shafts 

3. heat assisted roller

3. solid steel housing

4. built-in low noise air compressor 

5. side media roll holders

6. compressor for even contact pressure

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