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It continues with Prägo patrices.

For more than 40 years, Prägo has been supplying its customers worldwide with counter die products for blind embossing and relief foil hot stamping.

Now the company has changed its owner: TCL-Solutions took over the business on 1 March. "We received the information that the patrix manufacturer wanted to close its doors from one of our customers in France," describes Managing Director Gerd Carl. "Prego patrices are characterised by excellent contour sharpness and register accuracy as well as short production times. "The production will take place at our new, larger location in Mülheim an der Ruhr," says Carl, a trained letterpress printer.
With this decision, TCL-Solutions is expanding its portfolio and consolidating its position as a solution provider for special applications.


TCL-Solutions GmbH has established itself as a provider of products and services in waterless offset printing. In addition, the company sells LED standard lights for metamerism-free light that it has developed and manufactures itself.
With the continuation of Prägo, TCL is responding to the demand of many customers for products for the production of print enhancements.

Prägo patrices - A product overview

PRÄGOplast is used for the production of patrices in platen printing and cylinder presses as well as in all embossing and die-cutting machines for blind embossing of paper in the paper thickness range from 50 g/m² to 180 g/m².

PRÄGOpaste is used for blind embossing of cardboard in the cardboard thickness range from 200 g/m² to 500 g/m², when working with large, individual embossing punches or simultaneously with several panels. The ready-to-use paste remains unchanged even with the highest print run and shows no signs of wear.

PRÄGOtherm is a patrix product for relief foil hot stamping in one operation in horizontal and vertical, flat on flat working embossing machines.

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