Blind embossing at the offset press - new solution from Prägo

  • created by Ralf Schmidt

Blind embossing at the offset press and then improving the quality as well? How does that work?

Blind embossing in the offset press and then also improve the quality? How does that work?

A special niche application in print finishing is inline blind embossing in the flexo unit of an offset press. The process is implemented using special embossing dies (matrixes) and a rubber blanket as a counterpressure.

We have achieved a significant increase in the quality of an embossing in the offset machine.

Prägoplast 1.5D

Prägoplast 1.5D is self-adhesive and is glued to the impression cylinder of the flexo unit instead of using a rubber blanket. The die is formed by pressing in Prägoplast, thus creating a true patrix for this application. For papers from 50-150 g/m², this results in better edge definition and deeper relief. Fulling processes, as with the blanket, are eliminated. The result is a much better flatness of the embossed paper, better edge sharpness and no shifting of the embossed image. The double functional layer ensures better relief depth and thus a clean and well-defined embossing relief.

Prägoplast 1.5D is available in 70x58 cm and 71x102 cm formats.

Depending on the application, we can vary the thickness of the patrix.

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