Blind embossing at the offset press - new solution from Prägo

  • created by Ralf Schmidt

Blind embossing at the offset press and then improving the quality as well? How does that work?

A special niche application in print finishing is inline blind embossing in the flexo unit of an offset press. The process is realized with special embossing (matrices) and a rubber blanket as counterpressure.
We have achieved a significant increase in the quality of an embossing in the offset machine.

Prägoplast XL

Prägoplast XL is self-adhesive and is sticked to the impression cylinder of the flexo unit instead of using a rubber blanket. The matrice is formed by pressing in Prägoplast and this creates a true patrice for this application. For papers from 80-120 gsm, this creates better edge definition and deeper relief.

Available from is Prägoplast in the format 70x58 cm. We are currently developing a 70x100 cm version.

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