Thousand Lights Lighting – Thouslite

Thouslite is a Chinese manufacturer that produces special luminaires for research, laboratories or demanding users who need a high-end application. Thouslite specialises in building multi-channel luminaires that can simulate different measured spectra using its own software.

Application areas

The range of applications is very broad: e.g. the light simulators are used in the cosmetics industry to simulate certain times of day, in industry to match colours and pigments, for product testing with safety features, the modules produce the light for high-quality photo reproductions of artworks and find application in the automotive industry developing certain daylight-dependent effects in interior design.

The hardware at a glance

The heart of each is an LED-equipped circuit board with up to 16 different selected LEDs. There are standard equipped (fitted) luminaires with different numbers of channels and, on request and at extra cost, boards with their own selection of narrow-band LEDs. The bandwidth of selectable LEDs ranges from 350nm to 1030nm.

The light quality is so far unique in the industry in simulating the standard illuminant D50 with CRI = Ra1-15 of 99, MIvis = A (0.15),  MI UV = B (0.4) !

The software.

In the optional Thouslite software, all channels can be controlled individually with 1024 levels, allowing the user to design their own spectra. A measured spectrum can be loaded and the software calculates the setting of the channel levels, displays the possible simulated spectrum based on the existing LEDs and gives different options to make a custom adjustment.

We are a European Thouslite distributor since 2017 and carry the products LEDView and LEDCube. Please contact us if you would like a demo or need further information.

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