Lighting concept planning


Light has an influence on every area of life. It controls the release of hormones in the body and thus contributes significantly to the feeling of well-being. Light creates safety, comfort and improves ergonomics and thus productivity at the workplace.

That is why we develop and realise individual lighting concepts for our customers, which take into account the specific conditions in their rooms and create optimal working and living conditions. For this purpose, TCL-Solutions relies on a broad portfolio of high-quality brand products from various manufacturers in order to always be able to implement exactly the solution that provides the best results in a specific situation.

Beforehand, we calculate the exact lighting requirements according to the latest scientific findings and, of course, also take into account the specifications of the employers' liability insurance associations as well as industry-specific requirements during the planning phase. For example, our involvement in Fogra enables us to meet the requirements of tomorrow's printing and media industry today.

In planning, we also implement concepts with intelligent lighting control through sensor technology for optimal illumination. We know the products we offer through the luminaire data supplied by the manufacturer as well as through our own measurements of spectral light quality. We simulate qualitatively critical workplaces, such as colour sampling stations, in the planning software to find ideal lighting conditions.

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