High-End Luminaires

Since 2013, we, the founders of TCL-Solutions, have been working with LED luminaire and bulb manufacturers to create solutions for the need for high-quality light sources. We define "high quality" as luminaires/lamps with good colour rendering (CRI >RA90), neutral light colour at approx. 5000K and long service life >50000h.

Over the years, a number of suppliers have established themselves as partners, some of whom have developed special products especially for our requirements or whom we can recommend or sell without restrictions. The special focus here is on the D50 standard light. For all these partners, we act as dealers or consulting partners.

We see as special partners:

  • Lehani Lichtsysteme   (We are main Distributor since 2016)
  • Thouslite (CN)   (Distributor since 2017)
  • Litegear   (Dealer since 2013)
  • Valtavalo (FI)   (Dealer since 2015)
  • LacunaSolutions

Through our cooperation with the above-mentioned partners, we have access to a wide range of special luminaires for many different applications.

Contact us

Have we aroused your interest in the subject of light? Then please contact us, we will be happy to advise you in detail on all questions concerning standard lighting D50 and D65, light and colour as well as energy saving through new investments in ambient lighting.