Energy efficiency

Today, more than ever, the real cost of lighting lies in energy consumption and not in the purchase. This trend will continue to increase in the future due to ever-rising electricity costs.

In companies in particular, there is significant potential for savings due to the often quite large area to be illuminated and the many lamps required for this. State-of-the-art LED technology can help to save up to 80% of the energy required. This means that the necessary investment pays for itself quickly. Moreover, due to their extremely long lifespan, LEDs are significantly more sustainable than conventional light sources.

With retrofit light sources, comprehensive energy refurbishment can be realised simply by replacing the light sources. Here, LEDs are used that are designed for use in existing housings. This reduces investment costs, can be implemented without great effort and allows companies to benefit immediately from lower operating costs.

If the system is already at the end of its lifespan, it can happen that the lampholders are technically no longer in good order. In this case, retrofit lamps can no longer be used. This is where planning new trunking luminaires with sensors makes sense. Presence detectors and brightness sensors help to save energy intelligently. In this way, the light is always used at the right intensity and only when it is needed.

The fact that high-quality light sources often also improve the lighting conditions in the plant is an additional advantage. We specialise in advising companies in the printing and media industry. We can offer a range of products that not only guarantee the company the necessary savings and longevity, but also specifically optimise the lighting conditions. For example, colour perception can be greatly improved by using luminaires and lamps with a light colour of 5000K and a high CRI. This optimally supports the colour decision at the tuning table.

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