Printing inks and plates for waterless offset printing, patrices for paper and hot foil embossing, laminators and standard light are our speciality.

Are you already working in offset printing and would like to switch to waterless offset? Are you a label printer and interested in the possibilities offered by this process? When processing UV inks, do you always have difficulties with the ink/water balance?

Would you like to make your blind and hot foil embossing cheaper and more flexible?

You need a stable laminating or laminating process on roll or flatbed?

Do you work with a standard light source but always have to go to the window/daylight for critical images so that the customer accepts the printed sheet in comparison to the proof?

These are just a few questions that could lead you to us. If you are interested to learn more about the infinite possibilities the waterless offset could bring to your portfolio or how you can improve the lighting situation please contact us.

Our Product Portfolio

Suitable for waterless offset printing - waterless offset inks for various applications. UV drying for plastics, papers or other substrates and Cradle2Cradle waterless inks oxidative drying.

The printing plate is the central point in waterless offset printing. With us you get the premium printing plate from the market leader Toray. Washable either by chemistry for extremely fine resolutions or by water for a cost-efficient environmentally friendly production.



We provide ink additives, Toray chemicals, blankets and cleaning products to match the waterless offset printing. All products are compatible and efficient.



LED standard lighting for the matching desk or sample inspection, special LED-based laboratory luminaires and lighting booths as well as LED indoor lighting with demand-oriented lighting designs

Large format roll laminators for every application and every budget.



Application Tables/Flatbed Laminators for highest quality for every application.



Save time, be flexible and work cost-effectively. With prego patrices for blind embossing, it's easy. You work with 100% accuracy at all times and create your patrix easily and simply in your machine. 

The special form of hot foil stamping requires special tools with the highest demands on the die and patrix. With Prägotherm, you not only work with a precise fit, but also create your patrix in a modular way and at a very favourable price to suit your specific case.



  • created by Ralf Schmidt

Neues Flaggschiff von Fayon

Der FY-1700 - ein High Speed-Rollen-Laminator für die Werbetechnik (Heiß-/Kalt)

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  • created by Ralf Schmidt

Blind embossing at the offset press - new solution from Prägo

Blind embossing at the offset press and then improving the quality as well? How does that work?

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Laminators in top quality - We are expanding our portfolio

Whether Roll2Roll or flatbed as master distributor of Fayontec, TCL-Solutions offers laminators at the highest level and for every need.

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If we have aroused your interest, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to advise you on all questions concerning waterless offset printing or standard light D50.